OTT & the Tipping Point for Canadian TV

Last November, LYA published the results of an online survey indicating that close to 70% of English Canadian respondents were subscribers to Netflix at that time. The survey also highlighted the negative feedback that could be expected for both Netflix and BDUs if a Cancon tax of the order of $1.50 monthly was added to Netflix.

Shomi is no more, Crave TV is still alive and reportedly growing while the OTT offer is rapidly expanding. Broadcasters are moving to OTT for live streaming. Many large Canadian cablecos are banking on the Comcast X1 by Xfinity® platform as a (last resort?) move to counter cord shaving and cutting, but will it work now that OTT is so well entrenched in Canadian households? LYA brings expertise in these technologies and markets to help you launch new services and develop competitive responses. We look forward to hear how we can support you as TV is being reshaped in Canada as everywhere around the world.